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Dance Floor

Yorkshire Furniture Events has an extensive range of black & white, all white, and all black dance floors available for hire.   The all black Nightlok® dance floors for those who want something a little bit special for their events.

Our expert team erect and dismantle your hired dance floor to ensure safety at your event.

Black & White Publok® dance floor

 Black & White ®Publock dance floor at Yorkshire Air Museum for private event


White & White Wedlok® dance floor


All black Nightlok® dance floor


With our extensive stock of dance floor we can always try something different for you.  Our client requested a specific design - so we laid it out in our warehouse for him.  It was exactly what he wanted and booked immediately.  The result black & white concentric squares dance floor.  This is just a picture from our warehouse - hopefully we will be able to bring you one from the event.

100% Peace of mind, Everytime.