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Thank you's

We get many letters of thanks after events - which is always appreciated as we work very hard to treat every client as special and give them the care and attention to detail that they deserve.  Sometimes though in the middle of summer when you are working long hours it does get exceptionally hard to keep delivering time after time.  This week, which is in the middle of a very busy month of supplying graduation ceremonies, racing events, weddings, Le Tour de France, private parties and corporate events it really lifts a tired workforce to receive compliments from our clients.  The following letter from one client this week raised all our spirits and gives you that extra push to keep going when you are feeling weary.

" Dear Christine

Thank you very much.

I have to say that of all the various companies we dealt with in regard to this party, yours was by far the most friendly and efficient.  You yourself were such a help when choosing and booking furniture, and also the company still had stuff available at a relatively late date! Your drivers were polite, friendly and efficient and everything happened when you said it would.  My only suggestion for improvement would be that YFE did everything from the marquee to the bouncy castle to the catering!!   I will try to look out a picture of the event to send you - I took one of the marquee just before the party started. 

All the best, thanks again and please pass on out thanks to your drivers. 


Thank you Deborah for taking the time to let us know.

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